Music Instruction

The Mission: "To Assert the mandate from God to incorporate creativity as a part of life."

Mark's experience includes:

    • Adjunct Instructor, Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa IA.
    • Worship Instructor, Ottumwa Christian School
    • Guest Instructor, Steinig School, Bassersdorf Switzerland
    • Guest Instructor, Christliche Schule, Bern Switzerland


My private guitar lessons can be likened to Paul's tent making. This is one of the ways that we support ourselves financially, yet for me personally it is also a ministry. A majority of the teaching pedagogy is centered around bringing students into a knowledge of how to play various genres of Christian music on the guitar. My goal is to get the student playing songs as soon as possible. I want the learning process to be enjoyable in the midst of the discipline that is required to advance skill levels. If a student has a particular song that they would like to learn, I can teach it to them. My desire is to root the melodies and lyrics of Christian music into the hearts of the young and old alike, so that the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ will have a lasting and life changing effect in their lives.